To ensure that the Indian read- ers do not have to compromise on qualiy, engineers at DMTRC evalu- ate and review the latest hardware, software an d tech n ol ogy servi ces i n accordance with the most cutting- edge evaluation processes and methodologies used around the world. Viewsonic VP outsmarted its competitors in the inch category. Competition came from the Radeon-based Ennyah Radeon VE, which also performed pretty well to log a score of Average of 25 M Bps band- width, Based on an e-mail interview conducted by Sri ram Sharma H53 28 APRIL features technology next The age of digital video is dawning and everyone, from independent filmmakers to handycam enthusiasts, are taking note Two decades ago, the word- processor transformed the world of the writer. The low overall score in this test can be attributed [[53!

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The LCD from Sony was all right whileplayingthe movie but in the game demo, the shadow was clearly visible. Even at an angle of 80 degrees, there was only a slight change in brightness. In a raster grid, the pixel is the smallest unit that can be addressed and given a colour or intensity. After editing, the same hardware used to write the edited footage back onto tape.

Most portals are pretty prompt in attending if you have a genuine problem. Travellers Checks Payment for online travel services differs according to the type of service you’ve booked.

How would you sds yourself? In the inch category, Compaq MV was the top performer, scoring But the DV format is more than just a digital version of ordinary analog video.


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Con- sidering that these monitors incorporate high precision electronics, a score of over 20 in the screen geometry test should be considered a bare minimum. International car rentals are fairly straightforward and done through the same CRS as thef light p4b266–c through local offices of international car rental sses like Hertz or Avis.

The important thing is that you can pick and choosethecaryou want— all from one place. A veteran Quaker from UK, the plunge into full- time professional gaming has clicked well for him.

The 12x zoom lets you take distant photographs with ease, thereby making it ideal for professionals.

The flatter Viewsonic PF surprisingly failed to live ees to expectations here, scoring only In this article, we’ve uncovered some sure-fire ways of using con- ventional benchmarking software to ensure that your system is running to its fullest possible capability. Dear Anindita, We already have something on the lines you are suggest- ing.

Let’s clear that image straight off. Four years later and many miles further on, on that road we are still committed to ensure that Digit continues to be a magazine that sets new standards in technology content in this country. Also, be sure to turn off all power manage- ment options in the BIOS so that the system does not slowdown whileyou benchmark. Electrici- ty passed through the coil causes the Terfenol to expand, resulting in a force of pounds which causes the surface to vibrate and broadcast the sound.

If you’re flying British Airways www. Needless to say, the DV standard is far superior to other common standards with lower quality, such as the sex VHS standard. You can also record a 30 zes movie clip at 15 frames per second, to be played back on itson-board LCD screen. A lot of gh osti n g an d streaki n g was vi si bl e an d its performance in the white and black level shift was also mediocre it scored just 8.


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The know-alls in programming FZ1 Reality: In our test, this LCD scored extremely well in the sharpness and resolution test- there was no pixel bleeding or blurring. Lighting techniques, on the other hand, change the appearance of objects based on light sources.

You can download this utility from www. Adobe Pre- miere 6.

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Send your letters marked ‘Readers Letters’ to the Digit office: This site has a rating system where you can rank members based on the information they provide. Each member has time to visit a particular destination.

Inexpensive broadcast quality equip- ment has democratised both production and distribution; the mediums of film and television are being redefined on the Internet by a new generation of techno- logically savvy media artists. The technology can be scaled down to meet the requirements of game console makers.

Though at Rs 52, it is rather expensive, its performance makes it well worth the price.

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